Influenza A(H1N1): Mapa interactivo del NYT / Interactive Map from the NYT

El New York Times lo hace de nuevo y nos obsequia este extraordinario mapa interactivo sobre el rastreo de la influenza A(H1N1). Los datos son dinámicos a través de una presentación en Flash® y abarcan desde el 26 de Abril a la fecha.

Disfrute este gráfico haciendo clic en la imagen ABAJO


The New York Times does it again and gives us this extraordinary interactive map on the tracking of the A(H1N1) flu.

Data is dynamic through a Flash® presentation, from April 26th to actual date.

Enjoy this graphic by clicking the image BELOW


©The New York Times

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2 Responses to Influenza A(H1N1): Mapa interactivo del NYT / Interactive Map from the NYT

  1. paul says:

    The NYT map is excellent. The presentation of confirmed and suspected cases is smart and easy to interpret. The rollover sensitivity of the smaller targets on the world map is also very well done. Cartametrix put together a US/Mexico map of cases vs fatalities that is similar in that it shows change over time. Here’s the link:

  2. Dentistry Roseville says:

    An epidemic is defined as an outbreak of a contagious disease that is rapid and widespread, affecting many individuals at the same time. The swine flu outbreak in Mexico fit this definition. A pandemic is an epidemic that becomes so widespread that it affects a region, continent, or the world. As of April 2009, the H1N1 swine flu outbreak did not meet this definition. However, as of June 11, 2009, WHO officials determined that H1N1 2009 influenza A swine flu reached WHO level 6 criteria (person-to-person transmission in two separate WHO-determined world regions) and declared the first flu pandemic in 41 years. To date, the flu has reached over 74 different countries on every continent except Antarctica in about three month’s time; fortunately, the severity of the disease has not increased.

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